Student Jobs: We hire students for all types of positions - food servers, cashiers, cooks, catering wait staff, and as Student Dining Ambassadors with our Marketing Team! We offer flexible schedules to fit with your class schedules, and you get free meals!  

Our wages are very competitive and won't cause a reduction in your financial aid. (Wages earned when working for the University will reduce the financial aid you receive from the University, but wages earned working for University Dining/Sodexo will not reduce the amount of financial aid you receive.)

Students and Non-Students: To apply for a position - visit Sodexo's Hourly Jobs Application site to view and apply for available positions. Once at the site, enter "University" in the keyword box and "Fredericksburg, VA" in the location box.  Before selecting and applying for a job, be sure it has "Universities" under the name of the job. For additional information, e-mail Mary.Hastings@Sodexo.com.